Take care of your baby's delicate skin

We have seen many babies with skin allergies due to substandard wipes, and we value every baby's health and every mum's concerns. babycare's wipes give you peace of mind.

One is enough to wipe baby's whole body

We've increased the size of the wipes so you can wipe your baby's entire body with just one wipe at a time. Avoiding waste also makes it easier for you.

300% thicker, the ultimate choice for moms.

We have thickened the wipes so that they can store more water and have enough moisture to care for your baby's skin. Thickened wipes are also more durable, absorbing grease and dirt and not easily deformed.

99% pure water, purer than pure water

Babycare's wipes use medical water that is purer than pure water. The quality of the water used in the wipes is also part of our strict quality and safety control. Only by controlling the source can we provide a safe experience for babies.

Quality Assurance

No added chemicals

Formaldehyde-free, alcohol-free, fluorescent-free, CIT-free, MIT-free, non-irritating, non-sensitizing.

High Quality

Wipe without getting your hands dirty, pull without deformation

Safety Certification

Our products have passed international safety certification and are safe products that can be used with confidence.

Environmental Friendly

Babycare partners with global quality fiber supplier Sateri, using plant-based fiber EcoCosy® that is 100% biodegradable.

Safety Controlled from the source of product

Babycare's production workshop is fully automated with 100,000* class purification, and the hygiene standard reaches the hygiene standard of the food industry.

Safe to use on Baby's Skin

Whole Body Skin

Our baby wipes can be used all over your baby's body, including face, hands, feet and back. The moisture-filled wipes wipe away as clean as if they were washed.

Sensitive part

Our baby wipes are made with gentle ingredients. You can safely wipe any part of your baby's body, including some sensitive areas.

Quality lies in the control of details

Not settle for less

You'll love it once you've used it.

Sevenfold Purification

Higher purity than drinking water

Triple Seal

Triple sealing process to preserve freshness even at room temperature


We have carefully designed an enlarged and thicker