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    Hand and Mouth Wet Wipes, 80 sheets/pack *12

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    The packaging of this product may contain Chinese characters.

    Reasons to Love

    💦Baby Wipes Packaging: The baby wipes are packaged with a cute purple cloud cover that keeps dust out. The outer packaging of the wipes is made of water-locking sealing sticker, which isolates the air and keeps the wipes moist. The aluminized film inner construction can effectively block out light to prevent the wipes from deteriorating.

    💦Safe and Gentle: Bc babycare baby wipes gently care for baby-sensitive skin without irritants. Baby wipes are gently cleansing and freshly scented to gently clean all the messes your little one makes.

    💦Plus Baby wipes: The wipes come in 12 packs. Each pack includes 80 wipes, a total of 960 baby wipes, each wipes 200*150mm.The enlarged baby wipes are suitable for baby's face, hands, and buttocks.

    💦Eco-friendly Material: The baby wipes are made of hydroentangled non-woven fabric with plant-derived fibers that are 100% biodegradable to protect the earth's environment. Our wipes come with 7 filtration, 2x thicker, and 3.8x water content, giving you peace of mind during the wiping process.


    Sheet size: 20cm * 15cm

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    Hand and Mouth Wet Wipes, 80 sheets/pack *12

    $79.99 AUD

    Take care of your baby's delicate skin

    Take care of your baby's delicate skin

    We have seen many babies with skin allergies due to substandard wipes, and we value every baby's health and every mum's concerns.

    One is enough to wipe baby's whole body

    One is enough to wipe baby's whole body

    We've increased the size of the wipes so you can wipe your baby's entire body with just one wipe at a time. Avoiding waste also makes it easier for you.

    300% thicker, the ultimate choice for moms.

    300% thicker, the ultimate choice for moms.

    We have thickened the wipes so that they can store more water and have enough moisture to care for your baby's skin. Thickened wipes are also more durable, absorbing grease and dirt and not easily deformed.

    99% pure water, purer than pure water

    99% pure water, purer than pure water

    Babycare's wipes use medical water that is purer than pure water. The quality of the water used in the wipes is also part of our strict quality and safety control. Only by controlling the source can we provide a safe experience for babies.

    Bc Babycare

    Love you, love the earth too.

    No added chemicals

    Formaldehyde-free, alcohol-free, fluorescent-free, CIT-free, MIT-free, non-irritating, non-sensitising

    High Quality

    Wipe without getting your hands dirty, pull without deformation

    Global Certification

    Our products have passed international safety certification and are safe products that can be used with confidence.

    Environment Friendly

    Babycare partners with global quality fiber supplier Sateri, using plant-based fiber EcoCosy® that is 100% biodegradable.

    Safety controlled from the source of production

    Babycare's production workshop is fully automated with 100,000* class purification, and the hygiene standard reaches the hygiene standard of the food industry.

    Safe to use on baby's skin

    Whole Body Skin

    Our baby wipes can be used all over your baby's body, including face, hands, feet and back. The moisture-filled wipes wipe away as clean as if they were washed.

    Sensitive part

    Our baby wipes are made with gentle ingredients. You can safely wipe any part of your baby's body, including some sensitive areas.

    Quality lies in the control of details

    Not settle for less

    You'll love it once you've used it.

    Sevenfold Purification

    Higher purity than drinking water

    Triple Seal

    Triple sealing process to preserve freshness even at room temperature


    We have carefully designed an enlarged and thicker


    Is the packaging of the wipes sealed to prevent water evaporation?

    It comes in a package with a sealed sticker and a sealed lid, so you don't have to worry about moisture evaporation at all.

    Do these wipes have added fluorescents, alcohol?

    The product description states that these wipes are free of fluorescents and alcohol. The product is also internationally certified safe, so you can use them on your baby with confidence!

    Are these wipes really as thick as they say they are?

    These are the thickest wipes I've ever used, full of moisture. I am ok with choosing these wipes next time.

    What is the size of these wipes?

    The size of this wipes is 5.9 inches * 7.87 inches, which is bigger and thicker than normal wipes.

    About Babycare

    About Babycare

    Babycare, a brand of mother and baby products created by designers. With the brand concept of "redesign for love", we continue to discover and change what is unreasonable and truly solve real world problem that each parent has.

    We provide a one-stop, full-category solution for a new generation of families and redefine a new way of life for pregnancy and baby for Generation Z. Now in more than 30 countries, over 45 million families choose us.