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    7315 Baby Gym Play

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    First-year essential (0-18 month)

    Playmat with inspired music and soft LED lights

    Baby-safe fabric & plastic

    Ideal for auditory skills, hand-eye coordination

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    ❤️ Reasons to love

    A fantastic playmat packed with a sea of fun for baby to boost all-body development!

    Develop Little Musicians - Cultivate baby's sensory hearing, teaches cause-and-effect and sense of music from newborn to toddler.

    Vision Development - Bold, vivid patterns and the built-in LED soft and delicate lighting of the piano gym protects the baby’s eyesight and promotes visual discrimination.

    Develops Motor Skills - Explore from lying on their back to tummy time to sitting up

    Baby Enjoy Playing Fun & Mum Enjoy Hands-Free Relaxing Time - Provide a much interactive activity center with captivating toys for babies so you can take a break for a few minutes

    Eassured Materials - The activity mat made from safe and skin-friendly material.

    Easy to Clean and Assemble - The play mat is machine-washable, simply remove the arch and piano keyboard, floor mat can easily be folded up when it is taken outdoors or even for traveling

    Additional Features

    Thickened cotton-layered, well-cushioned carpet
    Lightweight, compact and portable
    Kick-and-play piano panel with built-in soft light
    Machine washable mat for easy maintenence


    Dimensions (W x H x L)

    31.4” x 17.3” x 21.6”(Crab )


    3.84 lbs (Crab)

    What’s in the box?

    Crab baby play gym

    Piano keyboard x 1
    Arch x 2
    Round carpet x 1
    Detachable hanging toys x 4
    Assembly kit x 1

    The packaging of this product may contain Chinese characters.


    Set up the baby play mat gym in minutes. No tools required.

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    7315 Baby Gym Play

    Grow with your baby

    All-stage development from newborn to toddler.

    0-6M: Gross and fine motor skills

    Baby's coordinative skills can be developed by lying down to play baby-friendly sensory toys. Train their fine motor skills by grasping and playing toys.

    6-9M: Spinal development

    Baby lifts head up while leaning on forearms. Baby’s spinal development can be promoted by grovelling to play.

    9-36M: Sit and play

    When baby is able to sit, they can unlock the music by tapping on the piano keyboard to hone their auditory skills.

    Bold & vivid color

    Stimulates baby's vision and sense of hearing

    The baby play gym features bright, vivid colors, bold patterns and built-in soft LED light that stimulate visual development. Different music plays when baby kicks or taps on the piano keys to hone their auditory skills.

    Adjustable piano keyboard

    Designed for future musicians

    The baby activity mat can cultivate baby's sensory hearing and sense of music with our adjustable, removable piano board. 3 music playing modes and 2 levels of volume adjustment for rhythmic tapping.

    Imagination and self-awareness

    As your baby begins to reach, grasp, turn and kick. They are exploring with in their own way, practicing using their bodies and building awareness.

    Strengthen the muscles

    Laying on their back while they hold a toy, and reaching across their midline for a toy, help growing their arm, tummy and neck muscles to develop motor skills.

    Designed not just for baby.

    You deserve a break today.

    Don't dismiss the power of a play gym when you take a break for a few minute. While your baby is kicking the keyboards or catching toys and having fun, you can also enjoy a relaxing time.

    High toughness & anti-pull

    Not afraid of being torn by baby. The baby activity mat features a highly elastic foam bracket with high toughness.

    Soft and delicate lighting

    The built-in LED protects the baby’s eyesight and promotes visual discrimination. Light music comes out when a baby's foot kicks on it.

    Baby-safe material

    Made from skin-friendly fabric and well-cushioned with cotton. Breathable fabric provides your baby with a comfortable playing environment.

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