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    Baby Visual Stimulus Cards

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    ❤️ Reasons to love

    • 【Package】The set have 4 books of toddler flash cards. Each book with 20 sheets, 40 pages, each large flash card 6.7"*6.7" . We can use different baby flash cards at different stages to stimulate the baby's visual and color cognition in all aspects.
    • 【Baby's Accompany Toys】0-3M using the black and white cards for babies can attract baby's visual attention. 3-6M, using the red decorated high contrast baby cards to improve baby's visual focus. 6-12M,using the colorful visual stimulation cards to stimulate baby's visual cognition and cultivate stereoscopic intuition. 12-36M ,using these color flash cards can improve the baby's color sensitivity and resolution, enhance the spatial visual awareness.
    • 【Safe for baby 】Our newborn toys is printed with eco-friendly soybean plant ink, good gloss, safe and no odor. This curious baby activity cards has clearly layered patterns , so that the baby can correctly recognize the pattern and exercise the baby's vision and pattern recognition ability.
    • 【Intimate Design】The high contrast baby toys are enlarged and thickened ,it's easy for baby to play. This 0-3 month toys has rounded edge ,so the corner is smooth and polished, without protrusions and burrs, and the baby is comfortable to grasp. Water stain milk stain once wiped clean, tear-resistant and not easy to break.
    • 【Good gifts for boys and girls】 These black and white colorful high contrast baby flash cards are perfect as birthday, Christmas, holidays gift. These newborn gifts are also a good exceptional educational gift toys for newborns, infants and toddlers. Give toddlers and preschoolers an engaging opportunity to begin recognizing numbers, building vocabulary and developing early reading skills.
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    Baby Visual Stimulus Cards

    $28.20 AUD
    $16.90 AUD
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    Features of visual development(0-3M)

    Baby born with blurred vision and increased gradually over 3 months. With a black and white vision, sensitive to objects and graphics in contrast to black and white

    Features of visual development(3-6M)

    Increasingly strong perception of the color and shape of objects, especially the color red. The baby begins to make the visual transition from black and white to color, his retina develops enough to see the differences between near and far, and he begins to develop three-dimensional vision.

    Features of visual development(6-12M)

    Over the color visual period, stereoscopic vision gradually improves, baby prefers to see patterns with strong color comparison, slowly experience stereopsis such as far and near, left and right, tall and short of things, fast-tracking the moving things.

    Features of visual development(12-36M)

    The rapid development of visual observation and cognitive abilities. With certain solving resolution capacity, the baby can recognize more and more objects with increased training.

    Suitable for 0-3 Months

    Suitable for 3-6 Months

    Suitable for 6-12 Months

    Suitable for 12-36 Months

    Why Bc Babycare Visual Stimulus Cards?

    Good selection of words and pictures, the card size is perfect for toddlers

    • Good stimulation for a little one who is too young to really play.
    • This is perfect for helping your baby learn to track things.
    • These are so great for focus and tracking.
    • These flashcards have thicker and bolder lines that make it easier for the baby to see and hold his interest and gaze onto.
    • It's perfect for a variety of ages of kids. It is colorful and also comes with different sets for different age groups. Cards are very durable.

    Protect your baby's eyes

    BC Visual stimulation cards are non-reflective and can't hurt your baby's eyes

    Won't hurt baby's hands

    Safe for baby, printed on thick, sturdy board with rounded corners, they are ideal for little hands

    Easy to Clean

    Good toughness and splash-proof, which make it easy to clean with a cloth or towel.

    About Bc Babycare

    We love your baby, like you do.

    About Bc Babycare

    We love your baby, like you do.

    At Bc Babycare, we recognize that every new life is precious, and we strive to design products as unique and adored as every newborn that enters this world. We’re constantly brainstorming and discovering new ways to challenge the industry to think differently about baby products.

    Our designers put parents first in an effort to support their needs in caring for precious newborns and toddlers. We are not simply a brand for parents and babies; we’re a companion in the journey of a new life.