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    Detachable Baby Walking Harness

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    $23.25 AUD
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    9-24 months old

    Facilitating Baby's Steps Scientifically

    Adjustable Straps for Better Comfort

    Thickened and Widened Cushioning

    ❤️ Reasons to love

    Help Baby Learn to Walk Scientifically - Offering multiple traction methods tailored to different stages of your baby's walking journey.

    Scientific Three-Point Force Distribution - Ensuring comprehensive and evenly dispersed support to prevent any discomfort or potential harm.

    Gentle on the Skin - Crafted from 40S combed cotton with soft, long fibers, providing a smooth and pristine feel.

    Cool and Breathable - Features Air Mesh with microcirculation, a honeycomb mesh structure for a refreshing, non-sticky experience.

    Additional features

    Detachable Drool Cloth
    Precise Stitching
    PP Handle
    Safety Buckle


    Dimensions (L × H)10.24" x 17.72"

    The packaging of this product may contain Chinese characters.

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    Detachable Baby Walking Harness

    Effortless Parental Guidance, Comfortable Learning for Babies

    It's able for 360° Multi-Dimensional Flexibility. Ensuring Comfort for Both Baby and Parents is our priority.

    Innovative design with rings

    With two rings on each side, babies can learn walking faster and better.

    All is about comfort and scientific learning!

    About Babycare

    About Babycare

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