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    Decompression Baby Carrier

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    Suitable for 0-36 months

    Safe-to-use between 7.0 and 44 lbs (3.2-20kg)

    Baby-safe fabric: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified

    Ergonomic design helps your baby maintain the healthy sitting posture, protecting his hip joint development.

    Various carrying methods to meet the needs of the different months of age

    Product Description

    Lightweight and compact, taking the load off your shoulders.

    6-point weight distribution design for spine protection, no strain even during extended use.

    Unique "vest-style" shoulder straps for a snug fit and over 33% pressure reduction.

    Breathable mesh fabric, 50% thinner than regular mesh, provides year-round ventilation and comfort.

    Ergonomic 30-degree inclined seat for a natural baby fit, reduces abdominal pressure.

    Foldable seat core for easy portability.

    Patented magnetic buckle for one-handed operation, hassle-free.

    Dimensions (W x H x L)
    13.78”x 7.87”x 5.5”
    35.00 × 20.00 × 14.00 cm

    1.69lb (765g)

    What’s in the box ?
    Baby carrier x 1

    Fabric: 100% polyester
    Interlining: Polyurethane

    Fair Isle Blue

    Load range
    7.0- 44 lbs (3.2-20kg)
    20kg weight limit

    Wash as cotton
    Do not bleach
    Do not tumble dry
    Do not dry clean
    Do not iron


    The packaging of this product may contain Chinese characters. 

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    Decompression Baby Carrier

    6-Point Load Distribution

    Happy Spine, Happy Time

    Evenly disperses weight across shoulders, back, and waist, safeguarding the spine for extended carrying comfort.

    Breathable Mesh Fabric

    Stay Cool and Comfy

    50% thinner advanced mesh material, providing excellent breathability year-round. Its soft, elastic properties absorb shocks, ensuring baby's comfort and allowing flexibility for the caregiver.

    Useful in Every period

    The bone development of infants from 0 to 36 months goes through various stages. The use of Babypad strictly adapts according to the different stages of infants and toddlers.

    Ergonomic 30° Inclined Seat

    30° Inclined Seat - Baby's Natural Fit

    Designed for baby's natural alignment and comfort, reducing abdominal pressure during carrying.

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    About Babycare

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