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    T-REX TOBY Nutrition Feeder Pacifier 2PCs

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    6-12 months old

    Multifunction Toddler Teether

    100% food grade silicone with BPA free

    Two Size Pacifiers Available

    Reasons to love

    Safe and Hygienic Material: The baby food pacifier feeder is made from 100% food-grade silicone, BPA-free, making it safe for your child to chew and suck on. It is more hygienic and durable than other mesh teething feeders. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

    Two Sizes for Different Ages: The fruit feeder pacifiers come with small and large size pacifiers (2 pcs in total - 1 small and 1 large, same color) to fit different month age babies. Small size for 4-8 months, and large size for 9 months and up.

    Multifunctional Toddler Teether: Put organic baby food, frozen fruit, vegetables, meat, or frozen breast milk pieces into the food pacifier for your baby to enjoy while also building independence. The juice can be squeezed by rotating, making it more convenient for the baby to drink.

    Dual-Purpose Silicone Baby Teether: This food teether doubles as a teething toy! Simply turn the feeder upside down to let your child chew and suck on a 100% food-grade silicone teether, soothing teething pain and keeping your little one entertained.

    Easy to Clean: The Bessentials baby food/fruit feeder pacifier is designed with parts that can be taken apart for washing, ensuring every corner can be cleaned. The silicone infant feeder is also boil safe for further sanitation.


    What’s in the box?

    2 * Food Feeder Pacifiers

    Dimensions (W x H x L) :

    6.42 x 5.47 x 2.13 inches. ‎5.3 ounces


    BPA-FREE ‎Silicone

    Care Tips

    Introduce solids gradually: Start offering solid foods to your baby around 6 months of age, with small amounts to help them adjust.

    Begin with easy-to-digest foods: Start with foods like rice cereal, pureed vegetables, and fruit purees to ensure easy digestion and a lower risk of allergies.

    Introduce one food at a time: To avoid potential allergic reactions, add only one new food at a time, observing your baby's response. Wait at least three days before introducing another new food.

    Progressively increase texture: As your baby gets used to solid foods, gradually introduce more textured foods like soft oats or small noodles.

    Encourage self-feeding: During the introduction of solid foods, encourage your baby to self-feed, which helps develop hand coordination and chewing skills.

    Observe your baby's reactions: Closely monitor your baby's reactions during feeding. If any allergic symptoms (e.g., rash, difficulty breathing) or signs of digestive issues occur, stop feeding and consult a doctor.

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    T-REX TOBY Nutrition Feeder Pacifier 2PCs

    Solid foods and having your baby adapt to them has several benefits

    Adequate nutrition

    As your baby grows, solid foods help provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals required for healthy growth.

    Enhances taste development

    Exposing your baby to a variety of solid foods, flavors, and textures can help them develop a diverse palate and encourage a healthier and more varied diet as they grow.

    Encourages independence

    Introducing solid foods promotes self-feeding, helping your baby become more independent and confident in their eating abilities.

    Reduces the risk of choking

    Gradual introduction of solid foods helps your baby learn to safely manage different textures, reducing the risk of choking as they become more accustomed to various food types.

    Rotate the push handle to eat fruit easily, say no to food waste.

    Dust Cover Baby fruit feeder PP cover effectively anti dust, easy to store.

    Easy for Little Hands to HoldCute dinosaur grip ring, non-slip and easy for baby to grab and hold.

    About Bc Babycare

    We love your baby, like you do.

    About Bc Babycare

    We love your baby, like you do.

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